Price list

The price of legal services is on individual basis and set down by mutual consent with each client and our office. The price of legal services is usually determined by following methods:

Hourly rate

Hourly rate is the most common. The fee is 1000 – 2500 CZK for 1 hour depending on the difficulty of each cases.

Flat rate

Flat rate is a specific, total fee for the representation under the power of attorney until finishing the whole case. The price is settled by difficulty and time requirements.

Rate for complete settlement

Determination of rate for complete settlement depends on ahead arranged amount of money after taking legal representation for complete settlement. In this situation time and content of the whole case is taken into consideration.

Action rate

A client pays for each attorney’s action. In this metod the price is determined in conformity with the Ministry of Justice Decree No. 177/1996 Coll., on fees and remuneration of lawyers for providing legal services.

We can consider other offers and deals, e. g.  fee based on a percentage of the amount awarded in the case. All depends on agreement.

We provide other services to our clients:

Authentification of signature: 30 CZK/signature

Authorised convesion of documents: 30 CZK/1 page A4

A statement from the real estate register: 50 CZK/1 page A4

Examples of standard actions:

The purchase contract and application for registration of the transfer of ownership in the Land Register: 8 000 CZK

Contract of donation and application for registration of the transfer of ownership in the Land Register: 4 000 CZK

Escrow agreement: 4 000 CZK for 1 escrow

(In individual cases, especially in more complicated cases, the price may be different after previous agreement.)

All the prices are excluding VAT!